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V RACE WORKS: SINCE 2008 Located in the heart of Manhattan, New York, We are the #1 Automobile Performance Store on The East Coast. Our staff are more then Salesman, We are Enthusiast Driven Professionals of Our sport. We provide a Humble and Knowledge filled Environment for our customers. We specialize in Hard Core Engine and Suspension performance.  Our Stock is and always will be at its Peak as far as availability is concerned      


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Started By Robert and Jismark Ventura in 2008, V Race Works hit the automotive scene with such intensity of power, kind of like when we learned how to manipulate electricity into light bulbs and other appliances. One thing lead to another and the stores foundation quickly emerged to greatness. V Race Works started at 4 Henshaw Place in Manhattan where the business was ran off of lower control arms, Suspension, Polyurethane lips, Rims, Tow Hooks, and Hid Lighting. The Business quickly evolved into a lifestyle, Where you had many of the younger crowd of individuals sticking the heads inside to see what exactly the store had to offer. Our Mission since day one has been to fulfill the needs of every and any customer that walks thru our doors. We are dedicated to acquire any automotive part that is asked of us. We are Automotive Enthusiast who offer large array of services such as acquiring turbo chargers and installing it with all necessary tunes for your set up to work properly under stress. We specialize in hardcore performance parts such as turbo chargers, super chargers, inter coolers, nitrous kits,cam shafts, crank shafts, pistons, rods, bearings, oil, spark plugs, etc. We also specialize in appearance and cosmetics.        

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